Improving Communications
Our Services

Leadership & Management Development

Guiding leaders to set direction and create something great through clear communications. We provide the processes required to be more effective. Changed leaders move the culture of an organization into a productive and higher-performing environment that encourages clarity, ownership, initiative, and success.

Customer Service
Service 101

Customer Service is an organization’s ability to supply the wants and needs of their customers. Improved Customer Service is constantly and consistently exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Presentation Skills
Public Speaking

Make a difference in how you communicate with others. Learn how to prepare for public speaking and use the power of the spoken word to move others. Master skills that are necessary in today’s competitive business environment.

Sales & Negotiations
Sales Presentation Skills

Sales and trade exist because people need and are looking for that which is better than what they have. Sometimes, they don’t even know that they have a need. Connecting their needs to your solution is precisely what the Sales Presentation Skills class is all about. Increase abilities to engage and motivate the prospect/client through compelling presentations.

Human Resources
Staff Development

Companies that invest in staff development for their employees increase skill sets and ensure greater loyalty. An untrained or underdeveloped workforce means poor communication, absenteeism, turnover, conflict, tension, low productivity, complaints, wasted time, and low morale. Be positive and proactive – develop staff and prepare them for success.

Business Grammar

Build strength and confidence in writing skills. Follow the rules! Business people who know grammar judge others based on their correct (or incorrect) usage. Be the professional who is able to be clear and correct in writing.

Custom Learning Programmes

We will work with your organisation to identify and address your learning needs.

Improving Communications has almost 20 years of experience in designing and delivering learning experiences to our customers. We take pride in our ability to help our customers to grow the skills of their staff as well as grow their business.

Q & A

What happens when we work with Improving Communications?
Improving Communications provides “live” learning programmes for you and your associates. Living, breathing instructors, whether in-person or virtual, ensure that the delegates learn and master new skills. Learning programmes are best taken as time-phased segments. We suggest dividing the information over more than one session, because delegates are better able to absorb and use it. 


How does a training programme with our company get started?

When you work with Improving Communications, we want to make sure you get what you need. First, we work with you to determine the problems you are encountering, and the results you want to see. Then, learning programmes are designed, discussed, amended, and approved. We deliver and measure the results of the sessions. Then, we follow-up with new opportunities for growth. You will enjoy the learning process because you will see problems addressed and solved.


Do you provide learning sessions in a virtual format.
Online presenting may never the have same impact as meeting in person. While today’s virtual meeting technology cannot recreate face to face, for now, it is the best solution. Using an online-learning format means that we (like you) use web-based video conferencing tools that allow participants to meet online, with or without video. Improving Communications online classes use video, audio, and screen-sharing, as well as instructor/facilitator led, activity-based learning.


Are your instructors available for speaking at conferences?
The Improving Communications instructors are always available through our Speakers’ Bureau to provide dynamic and energising presentations to captivate an audience with real-world stories and examples. We have many topics within our Learning services that they would happily speak on. Contact us for more information.