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Improving Communications
Public Speaking

Improve presentation skills with visuals and persuasion.

Improving Communications
Customer Service

Improve the service and support that you provide to your customers.

Improving Communications
Leadership Training

Lead, motivate, and inspire your staff to achieve goals.


Written or spoken communication problems cost companies tremendous amounts of money and resources.

  • Our employees are hard workers, but they can’t write emails or letters in a way that makes our company look good. Do you help address writing skills?
  • Some staff have difficulty expressing themselves so that they can be understood. What can I do to improve the speaking skills of these employees so that we can all work better together?
  • Sometimes, our Customer Service representatives are like robots. How can I get my CSRs to be more customer-focused and better able to meet my customers’ needs?
  • We have a lot of presentations that aren’t engaging for the audience. Do you help people to become better public speakers/presenters?
  • Managers and leaders in our company are frustrated because they don’t know how to lead people in their departments. Can you help them to be better at what they do?
  • We’re having a conference in a few months and need to get a speaker. Can you provide a program and speaker that will “light our fire?”


  • Text Hover
  • Leadership and Management Development Training
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Sales and Negotiations
  • Human Resources Courses

People learn in many different ways. We help our clients find the best method for their organisation.

OnSite Training

Onsite training is training delivered to employees at company site or another location arranged for by the organisation.

Virtual Training

We host interactive, instructor-led classes, bringing participants together through web-based classroom platforms.

Private Coaching

We provide private coaching programs. Sessions are developed to client needs. Individual or group sessions available.

Keynote Speaker

Speakers available for your presentations or events. Many topics are available, and are open to development with client.

the team
Improving Communications has almost 20 years of experience in Learning and Development.
Our instructors take pride in teaching all attendees the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Build & Achieve Goals

Work at setting personal and professional goals. We are proud to teach your people how to mark their progress toward their objectives.

Writing and Grammar

Be a better and more confident writer. Writing and Presentation skills are necessary in today’s competitive business environment. Elevate your skills and increase confidence and enthusiasm.

Workplace Professionalism

We want to provide your staff with the skills that will inspire in them a sense of ownership and the ability to take initiative with customers.
We can help you develop stronger communications skills.

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Corporate Communications

  • Customer Relations

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