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Do Communication Problems Waste Your Time and Money?

Personalised and interactive activity-based training based on your goals and objectives.

We are Improving Communications Ireland

Improving Communications IE offers some of the most thorough and effective communication training in the Ireland. We have a wide range of courses and workshops to choose from, all designed to help individuals and teams develop the skills they need to communicate effectively and efficiently in the workplace and beyond.

Our courses are interactive and engaging, and we use a variety of teaching methods, including business scenarios, role play, exercises, and simulations. This helps our delegates to learn and develop skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Here are some of the specific courses and workshops that we offer:

Interested in a Custom Training Program?

In addition to our standard training courses, we offer a variety of bespoke training programs, tailored to the specific needs of individual clients or organizations. These programs can cover a wide range of topics, such as communication skills for: specific industries or roles, change management, and diversity and inclusion. If you are interested in a custom training program, contact us to discuss.

Corporate Communications Learning Ireland

Learning Services

Public Speaking Training

Speak clearly and confidently to engage, convince, and persuade your audience.

Leadership Training

Cultivate leadership skills to motivate and inspire your staff to achieve goals.

Customer Service Training

Create lasting loyalty through exceptional, memorable customer service.

Sales Training

Uncover and solve your prospect’s needs to create loyal customers and repeat business.

EMPLOYEE Development Training

Invest in employees to enhance skills, foster loyalty, and increase productivity.

WHY Choose Improving Communications?

Here are just a few reasons to choose us for your communication training needs:

  • Experienced and qualified trainers: Our instructors are highly experienced and qualified professionals, with a proven track record of success. They are experts in communication skills and training, and are passionate about their participants developing skills and achieving their goals.
  • Tailored training programs: We offer a variety of targeted learning sessions to meet the specific needs of our clients. This means that you get the training you and your staff needs.
  • Interactive and engaging courses: Our courses are activity-based. This keeps delegates interested to learn, apply, and develop their skills.
  • Practical and applicable training: Our training is based on your organisation’s and the delegates’ real-life needs. The skills learned in our courses can be used immediately in the workplace (and beyond).